Hot and Cold Stone Massage Course

During this Hot and Cold Stone Massage Course, you will learn to carry out this alternative therapy treatment, to use with your Body Massage Qualification.  The use of Hot and Cold Stone Massage is an ancient healing art, used to help your client unwind and relax, allowing a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. The course will teach you how to practice full body and facial massage techniques using the warm stones. Traditionally we use the 7 chakras to promote healing with well-being with the associated stones. The stones are linked with organs located in the area of the Chakra to treat the universal consciousness. Stone massage is very effective to create harmony and a positive energy flow to relax the body to the deepest level, having a harmonising and cleansing effect that re-energises our bodies.

During the Hot and Cold Stone Massage course you will learn the following –

  • Health, safety and hygiene methods of practice
  • Anatomy and physiology: structure of the skin, skeletal and muscular structure of the body
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Skin types and PH balance
  • Equipment, implements and products
  • Preparation of room and client
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Client Consultations and Record Cards
  • Benefits & effects of  hot stone massage treatment
  • Carrier oils and their properties
  • Massage sequence & movement using hot stones
  • Massage mediums
  • Practical tuition to perform with confidence and positive energy
  • Client aftercare advice
  • Behind The Mask – How to spot signs of domestic abuse and how you can help

Our tutors are always on hand after your course to support and guide you with any help you need, we also offer FREE refresher courses for any students who wish to practice their new skills.

Course information:
All students will receive a Training Manual containing all of the information you need for the Course

Upon booking a place on this course, you will receive an email with full details including start and finish times

There is nearby parking at –

Britannia Car Park
Dalby Avenue
Parking is free outside Windmill Hill City Farm on Evenings and Weekends
Refreshments and lunch will be provided (please advise if you have any dietary requirements when you book your course)
Everything you need on the day will be provided
Case studies are recommended but this is not a requirement
Students are welcome to bring a model, this can be a friend or family member or anyone you choose (please advise us beforehand if you are bringing a model)
You will be practicing on other students and vice versa to ensure you get the feel for all aspects of the treatment
Please wear dark or black clothes, sensible flat shoes and hair tied back

Qualification: Certificate of Diploma

Certificates will be awarded to students at the end of the course providing they have competently demonstrated the required skills and knowledge, any students who are not yet ready will be discreetly asked to return for further training free of charge.

All courses have insurance approved accreditation to enable you to obtain the necessary public liability insurance required to practise Hot Stone Massage Therapy.

Students who participate in Behind the Mask training will receive their certificate via email within 2 weeks.

You will need a Body Massage certificate to learn and perform this treatment